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New to the exclusive range of ROH Lightweight Performance© Street Wheels, all new Flow Forged RF7 in matt black and gunmetal finishes and is available in 15”, 16”, 17” & 18” sizes.

The classic styling of the RS7 lies in its Tuner inspired 10-spoke design. The perfect addition to a host of FWD vehicles, its lightweight construction provides potential benefits too such as improved handling and lower rolling resistance.

Flow-forging is the most advanced technology in use today by just a handful of specialist wheel manufacturers around the world. The process begins with a unique cast pre-formed wheel that is then flow-forged after casting to produce high-strength lightweight aluminium road wheels for both street and off-road applications.

Compared to conventional as-cast wheels, ROH Flow Forged wheels are comparable to more expensive forged aluminium wheels yet retaining the ultimate styling flexibility afforded by traditional die-casting.

RF7 utilises this advanced technology to fit most popular performance cars.

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